Irene Jordan

The first of my Crow series of drawings, paintings, and sculptures appears in a solo exhibition "Under a Lime Sky" at the Edinburgh Fringe, 2023. Before taking this step I exhibited in 3 group shows with Edinburgh based artists.

Its been a bit of a roundabout journey to now be making work. In the late 1990’s I began studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Life changed things and I left ECA at the end of my first year. My relationship with art stalled. Twenty years passed.

Looking back I have sometimes thought of this time as a wintering, and yet it was also a time of gathering. Perhaps, a fallowing better describes the process. Every so often during those years, knotted wistful feelings pushed their way to the surface, like jaggy painful reminders they tested my readiness. In 2017, I responded to the pull and began to create and make work.