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The Faerie Realm of Scottish folktales, ballads such as "The Twa Corbies", Beckett, the “Crow" poems of Hughes, alongside Goya, de Kooning, and Auerbach are some of the influences in my creative process.

I would describe my art as "how life is", meaning as it is experienced in the inner cloisters of my mind. In this fusion of imagination and life, this meeting with stories of "Crow" and "Faeries" some elemental truths may surface.

Crow, archaic and modern, gloriously clever, ingenious earthen bird that struts and caws, inhabits graveyards and all pockets of our world, is embedded in our awareness of mortality, reminding us of the dance of life and death. We notice a crow's presence in the physical world and in our mind this may signify something beyond the bird. Faeries can be both magical and malevolent. We must be wary of them, even perhaps appease them, as we can never be sure when they may switch from white to black.

Both crow and faerie embody ideas of change, life ,death, and transformation. It is from some of these reveries of the imagination and of life as experienced that my current work is imbued with its emotional charge, its sense of delusion and darkness.